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Twenty One Week, Letter To Bentley

Tuesday December 21, 2010

I have been trying to convince your dad to put your teddy bear net up and put a few more things together in your room but so far I have had no luck. Less then twenty weeks till your here and time will go by so fast. I know we will get it done in time, I'm just worried. Christmas is coming up and I'm excited. Your dad and I bought matching engagement rings and made it official to everyone. We didn't buy to many presents, we already have everything that we want. Grandma will have dinner at her house, and lots of family will be there. But like every year on Christmas Eve we will be going to Great Baba's first. It will be a perfect day. Your dad and I are so happy to be able to see all our family this year. You have been kicking up quite a little storm, but I love it! It is the best feeling  I have ever felt. Next Christmas you'll make it even more special. Mommy and daddy will get you everything you want and need. Soon enough you'll be here. We are so lucky. Nineteen weeks to go if not longer, you'll come when your ready.

Twenty Two Week, Letter To Bentley

Tuesday December 20, 2010

Twenty two weeks this week. Still as amazing as all the other weeks. This is our last week in 2010, soon the New Year will be here, the best, most perfect new year. Your dad and I are still so excited. Christmas was amazing this year. You kicked all weekend long and I enjoyed every minute of it. Your dad gad an amazing holiday. I know it's weird for him not to be working, but it's nice to spend sometime with him. I am still trying to get him to help with your room, but I'm not going to rush him, he's enjoying his relaxing time. I'm so excited to have it done soon, and have it perfect for you. Neither of us have had any energy, I go to sleep so early and I love to sleep in. Everything is going well and I'm so lucky. Soon enough your going to be here and we are going to hold you and kiss you. Your going to be so handsome and sweet. Your our son and we love you.

Twenty Weeks, Letter To Bentley

Tuesday December 14, 2010

We had our ultrasound yesterday and it was the best feeling in the world. auntie Tina spent the night and we woke up early and got dressed and ready to go. Great Grandma Jossy was going to meet us there so we left Vegreville at ten o'clock so we could get there in time. I had to drink lots of water so when we got there, I really had to use the bathroom. I wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom until after the exam though. It was hard to hold it in at first, but after the exam started, I forgot all about it. I was taken by you the whole time. Your so handsome. We found out that we are expecting a baby boy. Your dad and I are so excited. I cried when she told us. After we watched you for a little while and saw your cute little hands and toes I was so relieved to know that you are there, and I am so happy. On our way to drop auntie Tina off, we stopped at Babies R Us and found some really cute things. We bought the perfect take home outfit and car seat. I am very excited to bring you home in it. Everything will be perfect.

Nineteen Week, Letter To Bentley

Tuesday December 08, 2010

I had my third prenatal appointment today. Same as usual, got my blood work and urine test done on Monday and then when I go to the clinic, I got my blood pressure taken, the nurse weighed me and than I sat in the room waiting for the doctor. He made sure everything was okay, and felt my tummy for my uterus. You're just below my belly button. I rushed him to my favorite part, hearing your heart beat. He couldn't find it at first and I got very scared but he did find it eventually. It was really loud this time. On Saturday we picked up your crib from my auntie Diane's and we set it up on Sunday night. Silly mommy started setting it up in the living room and then we had to move it, and it wouldn't fit through the hallway, so we had to take it apart and rebuild it. Then we forgot another piece! But that's okay, I put it all back together and even cleaned your sheets. After we picked up your bed on Saturday, we went to a party that night for your daddy's boss and we had lots of fun. The food was great. I had so many pickles! I also enjoyed the chocolate fountain. I was happy to meet everyone your dad works with. It's nice to know he is in good hands when he is away from home. I worry about him. But one thing you can always remember is that mommy's and daddy's always come home.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eighteen Week, Letter To Bentley

Tuesday November 30, 2010

Eighteen weeks has come pretty fast. Almost at the half way point now and so close to the ultrasound. I want to see you so bad, but I'm not the only one. Auntie Tina and Grandma are also very excited. They can't wait to see you on that screen. I am so excited to have your daddy sitting next to me while I lay on the bed and the tech applies that warm jelly to my tummy and begins. I am going to hold his hand the whole time. And after she tells us if you are a little boy or girl, your dad and I will hug and kiss and probably cry too. I am so happy that I am sharing this experience with someone so special. Your dad has been so amazing. I can explain my weird mood swings and dreams without judgement. He has made this experience so much better. He is very supportive and he enjoys listening to me blabber on and on about my pregnancy each week. He brags about you already, and we both know it's only the beginning. Wait till your here, he'll never stop. I am happy to be able to have such an amazing family. I'm blessed to have your father. I don't ever want to lose either of you. I'll cherish every moment we share, even while your in my tummy. I love you.

Seventeen Week, Letter to Bentley

Wednesday November 24, 2010

My tummy feels funny this week, you must be growing. Your dad and I had fun at the dance last Saturday. We bought a blanket and a bird. It's made out of metal or something. Wait till you see it, you'll love it. There must have been something about it because your daddy had to have it. We also bought a Christmas Tree this weekend and I decorated it. It looks beautiful in our living room. Daddy bought a truck a little while ago and it just would not start this week. We will get it fixed as soon as we find out what is wrong with it. Then daddy will be happy.